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STRIVE 2 Survive, our 12 week wellness program starts in about 3 weeks, March 13th!! We often have people ask about the results of the program as they try to decide if they should enroll or not. Today’s post is about results as I wanted to share some of the results we had from our spring group last year. We had a great group and results were awesome! Not only weight loss, but great improvements in lab work, BP, and waist circumference, which greatly impacts disease prevention and overall wellness. Below are a few of our participant’s results for you to see how beneficial the program can be! Enrollment is underway right now! Contact us today to get signed up for a better you! Email: or 884-4226.


 Initial Post
Weigh In 262 228.6
lbs lost -33.4
% lost
(lbs lost/weight) * 100 0 -14.6107
Lab Work Initial  Post
Total Cholesterol 233 175
LDL 179 120
HDL 39 45
Triglycerides 75 49
Glucose 101 92
Waist Circ. 45″ 40
BMI 30.3 26.4
% Body Fat 15.9 13
Fat Mass 41.8 29.8
Fat Free Mass 220.8 198.8



   Initial Post
Weigh In 197.4 182.2
lbs lost -15.2
% lost
(lbs lost/weight) * 100 0 -8.34248
Lab Work Initial  Post
Total Cholesterol 173 162
LDL 86 76
HDL 62 66
Triglycerides 127 100
Glucose 100 92
Waist Circ. 41″ 39
BMI 31.9 29.4
% Body Fat 39.6 39.4
Fat Mass 79.4 71.8
Fat Free Mass 119.4 110.4


  Initial Post
Weigh In 237.8 208
lbs lost -29.8
% lost
(lbs lost/weight) * 100 0 -14.3269
Lab Work Initial  Post
Total Cholesterol 191 149
LDL 114 80
HDL 54 58
Triglycerides 116 54
Glucose 104 100
Waist Circ. 40 34
BP 152/90 118/78
BMI 30.9 27.1
% Body Fat 16.5 12.5
Fat Mass 39.2 26
Fat Free Mass 198.6 182



Wednesday this last week was a perfect break from the cold weather. It was around 40 degrees, and was perfect for a run. We were all fired up to get out and enjoy the break in the below zero stretch.

We were all thrilled to get outside, and not have frost build-up with our face, or eyes. If felt like Spring out there! Nothing like having anywhere from a 60-80 degree shift in the temp, for the positive, to get everybody fired up to go out and exercise.

It did not last very long, but then again, we are still in February. But, we will take these days whenever we can. This AM was a good day as well, still above zero, 28 degrees! It was windy, but nothing like what we have put up with this Winter so far!

When it comes to running, you learn to take the good weather days, along with the bad. When we have these bad stretches, the more we appreciate the good days. It does not matter if we are running, biking, or walking, or just being outside. The weather improvement does more for your health, attitude, and mind than any medication could ever do! Spring will come, we just have to be patient yet. Hopefully the long stretches of the really cold stuff is getting closer to being done, but we will have to see. If the weather is too bad outside, you just need to find a different alternative to find to be active inside. Partner up with somebody, whether meeting to workout inside, or going outside. It always is easier with somebody else. That is what makes our run club so enjoyable. You are never alone. You keep motivating each other to keep going. It is also easier to show up yourself when you know somebody else is counting on you to be there to help them too. And, the weather really helps!

Life will get warmer! The good/better days are coming. Keep moving everybody!

Dr. Dan

Consecutive Exercise Day #: 3791











In about a month (March 13th), we will start another session of STRIVE 2 Survive! I always like to highlight a few of our success stories and previous participants to show what STRIVE can do for you! Laurie Danforth and her husband Mike participated in STRIVE 2 Survive and found great value in it. If you are on the fence or wondering if you should join us, check out Laurie’s feedback below. We hope you will consider it and let us help you improve your health and well-being through improved nutrition and activity!

If you have any questions or want to learn more, please email us at or call 884-4226. Spring STRIVE starts March 13th and enrollment is currently underway!

  • What pushed you to join STRIVE? After sending our last child off to college and becoming empty nesters we decided it was time to change our eating habits. Mike wanted to lose a few pounds so I suggested we do S2S and do it the right way.
  • What was your goal? (weight loss, cholesterol, B/P, healthy eating, etc.) My goal was to develop better healthy eating and to maintain of improve lab values.
  • Have you met your goal? Yes until the kids came home for the summer then our eating changes some but I always have S2S on my mind and look for healthier ways to fix meals.
    • If so, what are you doing to maintain? Looking forward to 2 of the boys returning to college to help with our change of habits when had adapted to.
    • How did STRIVE help? Brought awareness to foods and their contents and also the ability to prepare foods differently to make them healthier. The frequent e mails and updates on the web also help.
  • What is your motivation to continue? My competitiveness to keep my lab values where they were after being diligent of changing habits. I challenge myself to make sure they stay in good healthy ranges. I also feel much better after changing my diet habits.
  • If you could tell anyone about Strive to Survive, what would you say? By all means join the program. Don’t think of it as a “diet” but a way of changing your daily eating habits along with exercise. It is not all about weight loss but eating healthier and making changes to adding or increasing exercise. I lost inches and improved lab values but did not lose much weight, all with feeling better. (Side note–Laurie didn’t have much to lose, so she focused on toning, lab improvement, and overall health improvements)
  • Do you feel that the program has a lifetime change for you? By all means.
  • What do you think they biggest highlight of the program is? Learning how to label read and prepare foods bought at the grocery store to change habits. It is much cheaper and healthier to buy foods at the grocery store for weight loss versus buying a program of mixes and shakes that may produce rapid weight loss. I know with this program I was making healthy choices that were not inadvertently affecting my lab values.
  • Would you tell a friend about us? I have told friends about this program and encouraged them to join. The cost of the program is far less than “buying” weight loss with the many advertised programs out there.
  • If people are in doubt of joining, what would you tell them? Give it a try!












Today is not only Valentine’s Day, but it’s Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent…which means we eat more fish! Fish is not the most popular protein in our area since we are a land locked, northern state. Our mid-western diet typically includes proteins from beef, chicken, and pork…and fish often gets overlooked. During the Lenten season, it’s a good time to try out some new varieties and types of fish as they are better stocked and often times are better priced (ie- salmon, mahi-mahi, talapia, etc). The frozen bags of fish often have the filets in individual servings or two servings in a wrap so you can just take out as much as you need and then put the rest of the bag back in the freezer. Fish is a very lean and low fat protein so if you are watching your weight, it’s a good choice. Another benefit of some types of fish is the omega 3 fatty acids. Fatty fish such as herring, trout, tuna, mackerel, seabass, and salmon have these good fats. Our fresh water fish from around here such as walleye, northern, and perch, do not have these fats, however they are still lean proteins. It is recommended to incorporate two servings of fish into your weekly intake, so get into the habit of this during Lent and it could stick!

When we eat fish, we often think of it as breaded and fried, however that is not the healthiest choice. Instead of frying try these cooking methods:
•Grill: Season the fish with herbs and spices and a little lemon juice (from real lemons!). Lightly brush the fish with a little olive or canola oil so it won’t stick to the grill and cook for 10-20 minutes. The picture shows one of my favorites: grilled shrimp.
•Saute: You can saute any type of skinless fish. Again, season as desired and then heat a little olive or canola oil in the skillet on medium-high. Cook the fish for 2-3 minutes on both side.
•Poach: Place the fish in a saucepan or deep skillet and add enough stock, water, or wine to barely cover the fish. Add your seasonings, herbs, or spices and bring the liquid to a simmer on medium heat. Simmer for 10 minutes or until the center is opaque. Then you can dress it up with a sauce if desired.
•Bake: lightly coat a baking sheet with cooking spray and arrange the seasoned fish fillets on the sheet with seasoning. Bake for 7-10 minutes…you do not need to flip the fish. You can also put the fish filet in tin foil so the seasonings and herbs really flavor the fish.
•Broil: season the fish filet and brush with olive oil. Place on a broiler pan rack and broil 4-6 minutes on each side.
•If you choose to fry, try making it a little healthier by using an egg white to coat your filet, use canola oil to fry in, and instead of the white flour coating, try whole grain cracker or bread crumbs.
•When your fish is opaque and flakes easily, your fish is fully cooked.

Give it a try…you may be surprised how much you like it!







Do you have your Valentines ready to go for tomorrow? Besides a lot of love in the day, Valentines day is known for chocolate!  The one item that seems to make everyone happy, but may not be the healthiest of treats for us to enjoy. This Valentine’s day you can enjoy your delicious treat without feeling guilty. Although chocolate may not seem healthy, there are some perks to eating chocolate. Dark chocolate is good for the heart and lowers high blood pressure. So when you’re thinking of getting your loved one that nice box of chocolates, maybe go for a box of Dark Dove Chocolates. If you don’t like eating the dark chocolate plain you can melt the chocolate and dip it in strawberries. It is a treat that will leave your taste buds wanting more and you will find it easy to prepare. If you want to stay sugar free, try making sugar free gelatins in a shape of a heart. Add fat free whip cream on top for a little extra punch to the dessert. If you want choices and variety to your dessert try a chocolate fondue. Melt chocolate and choose sides to dip into the chocolate. Some choices of sides could be bananas, strawberries, pretzels, pineapple, marshmallows, dried apricots, pear slices, apples, or any of your favorite snack foods! If you want to add more to your sweet tooth, try a sherbet ice cream with a dark chocolate topping. If you crave a saltier valentine’s day treat then you can try a trail mix with mixed nuts, sunflower seeds, raisins, pretzels, marshmallows, dark chocolate m&m’s, or a low fat candy such as Twizzlers.

Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day!




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