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A Running Doc’s Life: Medical School Days!

Ah, those days of medical school. It brings back a lot of memories, good and bad. The amount of time spent with studying was overwhelming, and I often look back and wonder how I did this. I know for a fact if it had not been for running, I don’t think I would have made it. It was a great escape, and again, time for a break. Time to spend working out some frustrations, and giving my mind a chance to think about something other than medicine. The best part of medical school is finding Sarah, as we were classmates, but did not start going out until our second year. We were both dating someone else the first year, and neither one of them could handle all of the time we had to spend studying, so they both ended before the Summer of our second year. I knew Sarah ran too, but did not know much else about her. She definitely got my attention the first year though. I always conveniently planned my running routes that second year that I would end up running past the house she was living in. I think it is safe to say I got her attention! By our 3rd week of our second year of medical school, we started hanging out together, studying, and would meet to go for a run. It did not take long before we were “officially” dating. It was great going through those last 3 years of medical school with Sarah. We had each other for support, to study together, bounce things off each other with questions. It made it so much more enjoyable. All of the pressure we had going through school, and the drive to keep pushing, would get to you after awhile. Having Sarah there, and running together, made things much easier.

This is a picture of our medical school class, the graduating class of the University of South Dakota Medical School class of 1991. We went through hell together, pushed each other, tried to support each other. We may have all had different reasons for going to medical school, and different plans for what we wanted to specialize in, but every single one of us had to go through the same 4 years of medical school. We would have our fun times as well.

This is Sarah and I dressed up as two of our professors our second year of medical school for a Halloween party. It was a hit! You had to find ways to blow off steam, or there was no way you were going to make it through. Running was our common link together, and our way of blowing off steam. I believe it was the difference of being able to make it through!

We got married Oct 6, 1990, a few months into our 4th year. We managed to get a week off for a honeymoon. We went to Estes Park, and spent the week hiking in the Rocky Mountains. Many great adventures on this trip. Being in shape from running definitely helped with all of the hiking, and being able to see things we would not have be able to otherwise. The deer were so tame where we stayed they would come right up to you and eat from your hand!

The views we were able to see by hiking was incredible! Much of this we would not have seen otherwise. Of course, that was not the best view out in the mountains though…the best view was Sarah!

This was the first time we actually got to spend together, and no studying. The first time in 3 years! Estes Park definitely made an impression on us, because we went back on our 10th and 20th anniversary as well. Incredible every time!

Remember, there will be times that overwhelm all of us, no matter what it is that we do. You have to remember to take care of yourself, to strive to survive in this busy, fast paced life. If you want to achieve something bad enough, you will find a way to do it. Then you can look back on it and say, “WoW! I did it!”.

This was me after finishing our second year. We were getting ready to take our first Board test. It was not that the material was that difficult, especially when you had an interest in it. But it was the volume of the material! I still look back and ask myself how we did that…how I did that! Like I said above, if you want to achieve something bad enough, you will figure out a way to do it. I made it because of running, and especially because of Sarah. Thanks!

You can accomplish what you want too! Just keep at it! Keep moving everybody!

Dr. Dan

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