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Test your Knowledge: Holiday Food Quiz










“Want to have a healthier holiday season this year? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of calories and fat in traditional holiday foods.

  1. Which appetizer contains the least amount of fat?
    1. 1 ounce (oz) of brie cheese
    2. 1 oz of mixed nuts
    3. 1 tablespoon of hummus
  2. Which cookie has the most calories?
    1. 2″ lemon square
    2. One medium chocolate chip cookie
    3. Five commercial gingerbread cookies
  3. Which cocktail has the least calories?
    1. A rum and Coke®
    2. A martini
    3. A whiskey sour
  4. Which candy has the least fat?
    1. 2″ square cube of chocolate fudge
    2. One medium piece of peanut brittle
    3. One medium piece of homemade toffee
  5. Which meat has the most fat?
    1. 3 oz of boneless ham (lean and fat eaten)
    2. 3 oz of boneless duck (skin eaten)
    3. 3 oz of boneless cooked chicken leg (skin eaten)
  6. Which food has the most sodium?
    1. ½ cup (C) of homemade bread stuffing
    2. ½ C of homemade mashed potatoes
    3. One dinner roll
  7. Which warm beverage has the fewest calories?
    1. 1 C of hot chocolate made with whole milk
    2. 1 C of apple cider
    3. 1 C of eggnog  made with whole milk
  8. Which of the following contains the most sugar?
    1. 2″ square brownie
    2. One piece of fruit cake
    3. 10 chocolate-covered peanuts



  1. c.  1 tablespoon of hummus
    The hummus contains 1.3 grams (g) of fat, the brie contains 8 g, and the nuts contain 15 g.
  2. c.  Five commercial gingerbread cookies
    The gingerbread cookies contain 147 calories, the lemon square contains 140 calories, and the chocolate chip cookie contains 50 calories.
  3. b.  A martini
    The martini contains 135 calories, the whiskey sour contains 158 calories, and the rum and Coke contains 211 calories.
  4. c.  One medium piece of homemade toffee
    The toffee contains 4 g of fat, the peanut brittle contains 5 g, and the fudge contains 6 g.
  5. b.  3 oz of boneless duck (skin eaten)
    The duck contains 9 g of fat, the ham contains 3 g, and the chicken leg contains 8 g.
  6. a.½ C of homemade bread stuffing
    The stuffing contains 479 milligrams (mg) of sodium, the mashed potatoes 119 mg, and the dinner roll 117 mg.
  7. b. 1 C of apple cider
    The apple cider has 104 calories, the hot chocolate 192 calories, and the eggnog contains 244 calories.
  8. a.  2″ square brownie
    The brownie contains 21 g of sugar, the chocolate-covered peanuts 15 g, and the fruit cake 13″


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