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A Running Doc’s Life: Living Limitless!

Having fun in life! Is that not what it is all about? There is a talk by former governor of South Dakota, Frank Farrar, this coming Thursday at the Event Center starting at 6PM, being sponsored by the Prairie Lakes Hospital Foundation. You can get on Facebook and look up Prairie Lakes Healthcare Foundation, and if will provide you to the link to register to go to this event It is free! No excuses, this will be great, and I am especially looking forward to this! Come out at listen to what he has to day. He is 88 years old, and still participating in triathlons. He is a perfect example of someone who is going to live life to the fullest, and enjoy the ride along the way. I am looking forward to going, and helping motivate me as well. I don’t know if I will even be here when I am 88 years old, much less doing triathlons, but hopefully I am helping to increase my odds of this.

Enjoy your friends along the way, and work together to help stay motivated to exercise. Here Paula, Jill, Sarah, and myself are in the starting ling of the Twin Cities Marathon on Oct 1 this year. We had 4 great months of training together, all coming together on this one day.

Sarah and I got to cross the finish line together! A memory to last forever. Now that is living life “limitless”. Don’t hold back on anything. The majority of times are limitations we have are created between our ears, and we have to quit listening to all the negative thoughts/ideas, and go out and take a chance! If you don’t take a chance, you never know what life will have to offer to you. Use is or lose it! How true can this be? You need to be like our run club when we meet on Sunday mornings. We are not meeting just because we like to run…but because of the social interaction, the time to talk, laugh, learn some life lessons from each other. We all have something to teach someone else, and we are never to old to stop learning. Be in charge of your life! Be in the driver’s seat! Decide what you want, and then go for it. Nobody said it would be easy. Nobody said you would not have to work for it. When you work hard at something you really enjoy, before too long it is really not work…it is fun!

Jump into action! Have fun, stay healthy, work together with someone. Sunday mornings are now turning into one of my favorite activities for the week. If you don’t make an effort, you will never know how much you are missing. I see many people that do not make an effort, but just complain all of the time about how hard it is, or that they don’t feel good, or they are not healthy. Some of this is out of our control, but much of it is. If we worked just as hard at trying as we did complaining, we would have it made. Now, keep moving everybody! Have fun. Hope to see you Thursday evening for a great evening of motivation, and learning about what life has to offer…about “living limitless”!

Dr. Dan

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