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A Running Doc’s Life: Learn to Make Adjustments to Your Plans!

Well, we all have things that we were planning on doing, and changes in our schedule, or daily routine happens…or you get sick. That was me this week. I have a marathon coming up in January that I am trying to do some long runs yet, and this weekend was going to be one of my 20 mile runs. The weather was going to be great, and we still have no snow. But, I ended up starting to get sick on Monday, and as the week went on, it only got worse. The coughing was non stop, and by Friday, I had to stay home as every time I started talking, I was coughing. I went in to get myself checked, to make sure I did not have anything more than something viral. One of my nurses asked me, “What is going to happen to your exercise streak?”. Well, to be honest, at 8 AM, this was the last thing I was worried about. I ended up going back home, and slept until 4PM. Just what I needed. By then, I was so achy from laying all day, then I went for a walk on the treadmill. I did not have to worry about the weather, the wind, and I could control how fast I went. I managed 3 miles, slow pace, but actually felt better. Exercise streak intact! But, there was no way I was going to be doing a 20 mile run the next day. That is ok…I want to be healthy first! The weekend is now going to be in the past, and I will just plan, or change my plans, going forward. It is no different than anything else in life. Things don’t always go as we would like. You can either accept it, or dwell on it…or make excuses. Bottom line, you still have to deal with it. Adapt, and overcome. Tomorrow is another day…we hope! It helped running with the run club this AM as well. It always provides more motivation. I did not know how far I was going to go when I started, but told myself I would do what I felt comfortable doing. No excuses. Just keep moving. I am feeling much better, and hopefully I hit the peak of this a few days ago. As physicians, Sarah and I are always taking care of somebody else, but, we get sick too. You just make the best of things, and move on. It is always great having my own doctor at home all of the time too! Thanks Sarah for helping to take care of me…and hanging with me running this AM.

You keep pushing me, motiving me…loving me, even when I am sick, and crabby! Thanks for hanging with me. This is how we strive to survive. Be there for somebody, at some time, because sooner than later, you will have the favor returned to you!

Love ya Sarah! Thanks for everything you do for me! Keep moving everybody! Don’t make excuses, just do it!

Dr. Dan

Consecutive Exercise Day #: 3721 (Still intact!)

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