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Nutrition Tracker=A Tool to Help you Improve your Intake!







Many of you are working on your New Year’s goals and that may include improving your nutrition, activity, health, and wellness. Keeping track of your intake is an excellent tool to help you with increased awareness of your intake (what exactly are you eating and how much) and help with accountability (you may think twice about the choice or amount when you have to write it down!!). Most of my successful patients do keep a food log at some point in their weight loss journey…thus it is at the top of my list of tools to help you improve your intake! You can write it out long hand in a notebook or journal or if you have a smart phone or use the internet you can use online trackers. These are very nice because they add up all of the calories and nutrition facts for you…you just need to select the closest match to what you are eating and the appropriate serving size! Below are a few of my favorite sites. MyFitnessPal is the number one that I recommend….they have a huge database of foods and it’s pretty easy to use. SuperTracker is the government’s tracking site and I like that one for different reasons than MyFitnessPal. It allows you to see how your intake compares to the dietary guidelines in regards to servings of each food group and then gives you tips on ways to improve. It does not have as extensive of a food database as MyFitnessPal, but if you are mainly looking at ways to improve your intake to meet the dietary guidelines, then this is a great choice! If you need help with getting started, please contact me! I would be happy to set up an individualized nutrition plan for you to help you meet your goals!


-Kelsey Raml, MS, RD, , LN


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