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A Running Doc’s LIfe: 10 Years Completed…and Counting!

Another mile stone completed…10 years of consecutive exercise completed…and on to year 11! This journey started on September 26, 2007. Days where I did not feel the greatest, or recovery from certain injuries, but still capable of doing some kind of exercise, and putting up with the changes in weather…these did not make a difference. Basically there was no excuse, or at least an excuse I was going to listen to. This may be my consecutive exercise streak, but I have had help. The biggest supporter, or training partner has been my wife Sarah!

We support each other with our running, or any kind of exercise. She has been the master motivator. I keep going because I want to be around longer to spend time with her, and with my kids. She is my inspiration!

I was hoping I would be able to help her complete her first marathon…The Twin Cities Marathon coming up this weekend, Sunday, Oct 1. I got an injury a little over a week ago, and tore the calf muscle in my left leg coming in at the end of a run. Now I don’t know if I will be able to run this weekend, or if I will be a cheerleader for the rest of the group. I can still walk, or be on the elliptical with no pain, but I can’t push off with running. I can be a good cheerleader though…and I will help support my fellow Watertown runners who will be running this weekend, as we were running for charity and awareness for Friedreich’s Ataxia. I am really disappointed that I may not be able to run, but I am looking at the bigger picture here. There are bigger things going on than me being able to run, or even my consecutive streak. I guess we all have to take one day at a time, and appreciate everything life has to offer. Keep moving everybody!

Dr. Dan

Consecutive Exercise Day #: 3650

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