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A Running Doc’s Life: Augustana College Days!

College days at Augustana College brings back many memories. I had first gone out running Cross Country and Track in High School as a senior, so I did not have a lot of experience. I was running on my own during that Summer before starting at Augie, and was not planning on going out for Cross Country. The first week at school there was a flyer out over all of the buildings seeking runners who may be interested in participating. I took a chance, and decided to see what I thought. Turns out I must have liked it, because I ran Cross Country, indoor track, and outdoor track all 4 years at Augie. It was a great experience, and taught me a lot about managing my time, and staying organized. But, school always came first for me. I was going to be a Medical Technologist when I first went to Augie, but changed half way through my sophomore year to go pre-med, with the plan of being a doctor. School always came first for me, then running. I walked on that first year, then got a small scholarship to keep going out. I started running the steeple chase late in my sophomore year, and this turned my interest in running to something I really wanted to achieve. My freshman year I ran the 10k on the track, 25 laps! The steeple chase was 3000 meters, so just under 2 miles. There are hurdles to have to jump going around the track, including a water jump on each lap. It turns out I really liked it. I broke a 14 year record for Augustana my junior year, only to break it again the next week, but I got beat by one of my team mates. I never had the record again! But, I held it for one week! Here are what some of the barriers are, including one with the water, and one of how it looks with no water in it.

My team mates then are just like my running friends now with the run club. We ran together, supported each other, trained with each other. We were like family there too. Here are some shots of the Cross Country team, and some of us on the track team.

I have one picture of me doing the steep chase…my first one. The water barrier was a cement wall, so you could not see the water until you were on top of the barrier. I had no clue what I was doing. When the cement was wet, it was slippery. The first time for me on it I slid right off and went on all fours into the water pit. You learn by experience. I may have done it the first time, but never again. But you pick yourself up and go finish!

I still have my Augustana coat that I will wear at times from back in those days. The lettering is starting to wear off, but I went everywhere with that coat back then!

Those days in college set the tone for my love of running. I have been running now for 40 years. It is part of my life. But just like when I was studying to become a doctor, my life now as a doctor still takes priority. Just like everything in life, your have to prioritize, and make sure what is important comes first. It made it tough being a parent in all of this too. At least with Sarah, we had to “rotate” on a lot of things, especially when it came to call, and trying to make it to all of the kids activities. You have to juggle everything, and hope you don’t screw anything up along the way. Bottom line, keep trying. Never give up. Keep moving, and remember to take care of yourself, so that you can experience more of what life has to offer. Believe in yourself. Strive to Survive. Keep moving everybody!

Dr. Dan

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